Why Use A Slow Cooker

by admin on October 22, 2012

This article tells you more about why use a slow cooker and what benefits using them

A simple electric pot designed to cook beans was introduced over 40 years ago. Since that time it has taken on a life that was never envisioned by its creator.

The basic slow cooker is a staple in most homes. This gadget allows you to cook entire on pot meals while you go about the rest of your day. They are used to make savory dishes like soups, beans, stews, meats, breads and even deserts.

This is the savior of many a two paycheck family. They can have a sit down dinner without having to come in and prepare it after a hard day on the job.

The first basic crock pots were introduced to the Public by the Rival company. It is however a fact that of the more than 18 models they currently have on the market only two are getting good reviews and one of these is no longer in manufacture. This is not to say that we should just blindly believe these reviews, some items have to be judge independently to get a true testament of how they will perform.

Today’s slow cooker has the same two distinct elements that the originals had. That is a base and an insert. These inserts are often made form ceramic, stainless steel or stoneware. The cooking heat is the result of electrical coils in the base of the unit. The best part of slow cooking is that it is designed to trap the steam thereby allowing the foods to steep in their own juices.

The main advantages of slow cooking are:

  • Prepare ingredients and place them in the slow cooker in the morning and they will turn into a delicious, hot dish by the time you get home,
  • Due to the extended cooking time, even cheaper cuts of meat are tenderised and virtually fall of f the bone,
  • The various flavors of your ingredients will infuse into each other throughout the slow process as the natural juices from your vegetables and eat are retained in the cooker,
  • As the heat source is from the sides of the cooker and not from the bottom , food will not burn even though it is left to cook unattended all day,
  • The appliance can be used to keep food warm for buffets etc including soup, meatballs, pasta, chilli’s and chicken wings, or even just if your family all come home at different times,
  • As the slow cooker is an independent appliance, it does not occupy your oven and stove top and so is an ideal additional cooking option for family functions etc. They also use substantially less energy than the conventional alternatives.

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