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by admin on November 5, 2011

There is truly nothing quite like the taste of fried turkey for the holidays. Turkey frying just got a whole lot easier and safer since with infrared technology you do not have to worry about oil boiling over. This new infrared turkey fryer can hold a bird up to 16 pounds. You can also cook other meats in them like tenderloins and beef roasts as well as whole chickens.

infrared turkey cooker 300x300 Reviews on infrared turkey cookerLet me tell you about the construction of this machine. It has a double walled cooking chamber and it does not require any expensive oils and this negates any chance of third degree burns from the pot boiling over. The unit has a fully contained propane burner as a fuel source. With the charbroiled infrared turkey fryer you get crisp flavorful and juicy results every time.

Delicious is what your family and friends will say when they taste foods prepared in the fryer. The heat from the infrared coils penetrates to the bone cooking the meats thoroughly and quickly locking the natural juices inside.

You can use your rubs, and sauces can be added to enhance the flavors, feel free to inject you favorite marinades as well. When you use a rub or sauce in a traditional fryer the oil washes away the rub and you lose the flavors. This is a very healthy departure from traditional frying. The removable drip pan catches any residual juices so you can make your gravy just as if you had prepared the turkey in an oven.

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This is an all purpose fryer, and most of the large cuts of meat will be cooked to perfection if you allow 8-10 minutes per pound. You will also a get a revolutionary meat thermometer with the unit so you can check for doneness. Poultry has to be cooked to a certain temperature to avoid cases of salmonella.

Safety is always a great concern when using cooking oils. Although most of us love the taste of a fried turkey for the holidays, it is with reservation that we undertake the cooking of it. There are those who only use their fryers outside on a concrete patio or in a cleared area so they can avoid any accidental fires.

Each holiday season the news coverage of fires caused by someone using a more traditional fryer saturates the airways. With the Big Easy these fears can be laid to rest. Because it doesn’t use oil to do its cooking you never have to worry about a fire being started from improper use and/or leaving the unit unsupervised. Being able to leave it unattended is an especially nice feature of this unit. You can work on your stuffing and pies while you fry your bird.

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Most of the fires started form improper use or unattended fryers happen before the meat is actually put in them. The oil is in the heating stage and it boils over into the flames and that is all that is need to turn a happy holiday into a tragic one.

These come with owners manuals and operating instructions. It is advisable that you read each carefully cover to cover before attempting to use the unit.

The Char-Broil infrared turkey cooker gives you a perfectly cooked turkey without any huge safety issues.

The ease of use of the Char-Broil infrared turkey cooker is also one of its greatest features. Last year we used a traditional turkey fryer. We spent about $40.00 on oil alone, and then we were stuck with gallons of used oil and nowhere to dispose of it. Oh it was not pretty, trying to funnel all that oil back into containers is not something you want to do after a huge meal.

Next comes finding the right area to use the thing. We actually had a pit dugout and lined with slate for stability. There was not one thing within five feet of the pit in either direction. Yes it was a labor of love but I must admit I am glad it is no longer the only option for getting the great tasting friend turkey my family enjoys.

Well I will leave you with a few of the tips I found on the Char Broil website these are a must for the longevity of the unit and for cooking ease.

You only have to do this the first time you use the Char-Broil infrared turkey cooker:

  • After assembling the fryer, DO NOT put anything in it except the basket, now turn the fryer on and let it heat for 10-15 minutes
  • Once the fryer has cooled, use a cooking spray like Pam, heat basket and fryer for 10 minutes more
  • Cool it once more then put some extra virgin olive oil on a paper towel, you may use peanut oil if you like, rub the oil on the basket. Put the seasoned turkey in the basket and set the fryer to cook. The turkey legs should be pointing down or sitting on the bottom of the basket. Keep the metal brace that keeps the turkey legs together intact.
  • Every time you use the cooker you have to oil the basket for best results.

Manual and support

For more cooking guide using Char-Broil infrared turkey cooker you can download the cooking manual

For more details on warning, how to use it and how easy is the setup, you can download the instruction manual


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