Crisis cooker review

by admin on September 7, 2011

If you’re looking for an appliance that will allow you to cook, boil, grill or fry during an emergency, then you need to take a look at the Crisis Cooker. Imagine being able to cook warm meals in a blackout or storm using charcoal, wood or even propane! It is actually a great deal less fuel than traditional sources, and will keep your family eating healthy delicious meals, no matter what the conditions are.

Fuel this appliance in many different ways

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How crisis cooker works

When you’re in an emergency situation, you want as many options possible available to you when it comes to fuel sources, and the Crisis Cooker provides that to you. You have the option to grill, fry, cook or boil anything you’d like, which can be a godsend if you run out of one of those fuel sources, as you will be able to easily switch over. All you need to do is insert and light the fuel source and boom – you’ll be serving up dinner in no time.

Easier to use than a BBQ grill

The Crisis Cooker only requires a little effort and work to achieve maximum results, that being perfectly cooked and delicious food off the grid! It is truly easy to use, and this has to do both with its design which was made with usability in mind, as well as its ability to take in multiple fuel sources – a total money saver. By keep a few types of fuel handy, when the storms come blowing in and the power goes out, you can be confident that your family will still be able to eat and cook fresh and delicious meals that taste like they were still made in conventional cooking appliances.

Portable and light weight design

Don’t think that the Crisis Cooker should and can only be used at home! If you’re on a camping trip, be sure to leave room to pack this quality portable and lightweight cooking appliance, so you won’t be stuck eating cold meals the entire trip! This can get old fast, and it’s a big relief to know that you get to enjoy a hot delicious meal after a long day. The entire Crisis Cooker only weighs 26 pounds, and is worth the extra weight in your pack if you want to keep well fed on your trip. Going on vacation or somewhere far away from retail areas? Bring it along in case of emergency and save yourself the trouble!

Economical to use and store

If you’re looking for a new piece of camping gear, or an important appliance to store in an emergency, then look no further than the Crisis Cooker. It’s very economical for the features the Crisis Cooker offers, and you’ll not only be fully prepared for an emergency, but you’ll also be able to affordably store this appliance and its cooking fuel accessories for a long time without having to worry about what will happen to the appliances and fuel over time.

Reasonable price for a quality product

Cooking, camping and emergency equipment can be expensive and add up quickly, which makes the Crisis Cooker stand out for its affordability. For the quality and features you get with the Crisis Cooker, you’re paying far less while still helping yourself to prep for an emergency situation. The fuel source needed to make the Crisis Cooker cook delicious meals is varied, and this too can be highly affordable when compared to alternative options that are currently available on the market.

Product design allows for maximum efficiency

What is the key component in the design of the Crisis Cooker that makes it stands out? The answer would be the patented heat chamber. The Crisis Cooker has the ability to conduct heat up to 10 times more efficiently than you would see in any conventional ovens or stoves. It has vents which give it the ability to provide and ensure heat efficiency all day, every day. Due to this efficiency, there is little to no heat on the side or the bottom of the vent – so no burnt fingers!

A few downsides of the Crisis Cooker

While this piece of equipment is great for those with no building or crafting experience, there is a consensus of those who can that this item is priced too steeply, and that it can be made inexpensively by any individual. Even though this may be true, it’s not recommended that you try this on your own if you don’t have any experience, as this can cause injury.

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Volcano II 150x150 Crisis cooker review

Alternative to Crisis cooker which lighter (weight at 21.2 pounds) is Volcano II Collapsible Grill. It has the same principal as crisis cooker and you can use 3 different fuel to cook.

Volcano has made a collapsible cook stove, which is easy to use and portable as well. You would now be able to carry your cook stove anywhere with you. Volcano is also offering a storage bag with it. The main features of the product are:

Patented Heat Chamber:

With its patented heat chamber it is able to conducts heat more efficiently than ordinary stoves. It is designed so that it can be used with 12” Dutch ovens, wok of any size, skillet, griddle or pot.

Double Wall:

To prevent heat from transferring to the outer body and to the bottom it has a double wall. This feature allows you to use your stove anywhere with ease.

Collapsible Body:

It can be collapsed when not in use to become only 5” tall which makes it portable and convenient for storage.

Instant Setup:

Volcano II is collapsible and hence it might seem that it would be difficult to setup. However this is not the case. Lift the handle and it will raise its upper body and the legs will swing outwards and automatically lock themselves in place.

Contrary to this if you lift the lower body the stove will collapse and you can use it for storage purposes.

Adjustable Vents:

You can adjust its fuel burning capacity and make it according to your cooking need.


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